College Funding


The goal of college fund planning is to utilize available resources effectively in order
to maximize their benefits.

Besides retirement, paying for college is one of the major financial concerns of most
families. The issue is especially critical now because increases in college expenses have overtaken inflations in many necessities . Funding for college often competes with parents’ retirement savings, resulting in many parents not saving enough for retirement until their children’s college has been paid for.

Plenaris Advisory's college funding program helps parents assess their resources and develop funding strategies that would not impede their retirement savings. It also has a special program that provides scholarship funds for participants by reducing tuition expenses at select colleges. Interested parents should contact Plenaris Advisory for details about this scholarship program.

While ideally parents should begin planning for college funding when a child is small, it is never too late to start. Plenaris Advisory can assist parents in seeking financial aid for their college bound children in order to avoid incurring exorbitant education loans.